Process and Business Model Innovation

The digital transformation has deeply changed the traditional economic landscape, leading companies to seek innovation from a technological and business model standpoint.

The consumer habits and the increasingly extended geographies have contributed to develop never before seen approaches, new channels and payment methods capable of revolutionizing trade and financial systems; over the past 10 years, thousands of innovative start-ups have been launched, drastically altering the balance of apparently mature industries.

Digital transformation can be defined as the set of structural, organizational and cultural changes that follow technological evolution.

This transformation clearly affects the path of both society and companies.


Digitag Consulting supports its customers in the process of digitalization, with the objective of developing companies according to new business models and improving performances to be increasingly competitive in the global market.

From the strategy, to the development through a data driven perspective.

Our approach is based on a deep analysis of business KPIs. Digitag Consulting method acts on transversal strategies that involve the main four areas of the digital evolution: content strategy, media planning, eCommerce and CRM.

Our team is our most valuable asset

Since the beginning, our winning formula has been clear: creating a high impact collaborative culture where people with extraordinary talent are strongly motivated to continuously give the best of themselves.

Digitag Consulting is official partner of Bearing Point Ltd. E-commerce and strategic management of media investments will be the main focus of this collaboration.

Bearing Point Ltd, a company born from the merge between the business consulting division of KPMG and Arthur Andersen. Specialized in Management and Technology consulting, has signed a partnership agreement with Digitag Consulting for activities related to E-commerce and media implementation.


The collaboration, laid down at European level, aims to provide an end to end approach, from processes analysis to strategy definition, up to E-commerce and related media investments implementation and management.


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