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Can culture and art stay connected with their fans in times of social distancing?

How can an industry so linked to the physical dimensions and places, stay close to people even if it is conceptually distant from them. 

The experience and emotions we have towards an artwork is so central in the process of attributing its value, that it requires the perception of the ‘latter’ to be undertaken with the utmost attention. 

The fact that the experience we can have of a work of art is so central in the process of attributing its value that it requires that the perception of it be undertaken with the utmost attention.

Furthermore, the mere impossibility of reaching any place outside of someone’s home adds many critical issues to the current artistic narrative.



Artsy is the largest digital marketplace in the art field for those who do not want to stop looking for inspiration or artworks to buy.

Artsy, with over a million pieces and more than 100,000 artists available in an easily navigable app,

is partnered with over 3,000 galleries, 80 international art fairs and the world’s most important auction houses. 

On Artsy users can search, save their favorite artworks and ultimately buy them directly from the platform. It is also possible to “follow” the profiles of leading artists,to stay updated with the latest  pieces of art. Any doubts as to whether the painting looks good next to the sofa? No problem, the app has a  simulator that allows the user, before buying the artwork,  to view it integrated into the environment framed by the phone camera. 


Google Arts and Culture

Another useful tool that offers alternative solutions in order to maintain personal artistic and cultural interests is certainly “Google Arts and Culture”, available for desktop and app.

Over the past years the extension from Google in 2011, has acquired an increasing number of features and today represents a valuable tool to integrate  art in our lives, without leaving home.

We are thus given the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the experience of visiting museums, churches, monuments without sacrificing the spectacular nature of these places and the majesty of the heritage preserved in them.

By downloading the app it is also possible to access a series of functions, from the apparently more trivial ones to real novelties in terms of digital experience.

Through the platform it is possible to make immersive virtual tours with 360-degree navigation. Furthermore, it enables zooming the images in very high definition to explore the treasures of world art down to the last millimeter.

The user has the ability to save his favorite items and share them instantly through all major social platforms.

Google Arts & Culture has collaborated with more than 1200 museums, galleries and institutes in 70 countries to create its immense database, which will surely continue to grow, giving the possibility to explore it independently or with the help of experts who offer guided tours.

Furthermore, thanks to the Google Cardboard viewer everyone can become the curator of their own virtual art gallery, saving their favorite works and displaying them in full size in front of them.

On the other hand, when we will be able to return and explore the world outside our homes, the “Nearby” function will help us identify, based on our geolocation, the neighboring museums and cultural events available.

Finally, in selected museums, it is possible to take advantage of the “Art Expert” function, ready to suggest information and curiosities about the works, even when our smartphone is offline.

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