Content Advisory

Content Advisory

Digitag Consulting considers content production and management a fundamental key to take brand awareness and online performances to the next level. A creative project needs a clear goal and should not be and end to itself. It is an efficient tool to describe values and quality of a product or service and it is a measurable activity that has to be included in a well-defined strategic plan. These are the elements that allow our customers to manage their budget wisely and to create a solid brand storytelling aligned with the company’s business objectives.


Content strategy

Strategic editorial formats are the ones in which the content complies with business objectives. The focus is the definition of an effective planning; "when" and "why" are fundamental questions.

Target analysis

In order to define an effective content production activity, it is essential to deeply analyze the different types of target audience.

Geographical profile analysis

Geographical factors influence decisions regarding the type of content to promote. The difference between East and West, for example, substantially determines the campaign concept.

Engagement increase

The content created must achieve the highest levels of engagement. It is pivotal to measure the campaign's real impact on the target audience; a / b testing systems allow to correct activities and to achieve greater efficiency.

Reputation increase

Brand positioning is increasingly guided by the strategic and formal quality of the online contents. Monitoring the quality of outputs and feedbacks from communities allows the brand value growth.

Sentiment Analysis

It consists in transforming disaggregated information collected online (public opinions on products and services) into a detailed analysis. This data can be very useful for commercial applications, marketing analysis and quality control.


Content strategy creation

Social Channels Management

Graphic and Service Design

Photo and Video production

Editorial content production

Adv campaign ideation and production


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