Collecting and storing customers’ data is not enough to establish a relationship with them. To simplify and optimize customer management processes, it is vital to implement customer relationship management strategies. These activities enable the company to learn about the customer by managing and nurturing the relationship with the end user in regards to retention, upselling and cross selling.

The CRM is set up as a customer centric solution; through the collection and integration of all the information collected by the different company touchpoints, it allows to better understand the customer, his needs and his interests, obtaining a multiplicity of data to be exploited from a strategic perspective to maximize conversion. A good CRM system, therefore, allows the company to offer targeted and personalized services, products and content based on the end user who must be contacted, intercepting their specific needs, hence, satisfying them by offering the product or service directly correlated to the target.


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Our approach

We start by defining business objectives and designing a precise workflow that responds to all current and potential user behaviors.

CRM guarantees a complete knowledge of the customer through the collection of demographics, behavioral and transactional data. Thanks to this information, it will be possible to act on the end user, current or potential, through the combination of several different actions.

Digitag Consulting supports its partners in defining a clear inbound marketing strategy but also in planning all the activities aimed at putting it into action.

One-to-one interaction

Reaching each user through a strategic communication using the most appropriate language, message and impactful communication methods.

Process automation

Streamline time consuming methods, delegating to technology functions that were totally human up until now. Allow the team to focus on activities in which the worker puts all his added value into play, using the platform for the more mechanical ones.

Work-flow quality

Optimize the results by strategically structuring the answers to be provided to each specific cluster of current and potential users.

Integration with other tools

CRM expresses all its potential when its action is combined with other tools, integrating information from multiple sources and allowing a more in-depth knowledge of users.


We are partners with different CRM platforms, each suitable for different needs. We build tailor-made solutions for our customers and an inbound effective marketing strategy that reflects our business objectives.

Accurate reporting

Measurement of the effectiveness of actions carried out by collecting accurate data but also using them as a basis for defining future strategies.


Inbound marketing strategy 

CRM system implementation

Integration with CMS, Social and E-commerce

Definition of work-flows

Content production

Inbound campaign design and production

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