CRM - Digitag - Salas Manago

Digitag consulting becomes diamond partner of Sales Manago

Digitag Consulting enters into synergy with Sales Manago, an emerging European MarTech company specialized in CRM and marketing automation. The goal is to optimize all strategies and actions aimed at identifying and supporting the customer journey for each specific business.

Chosen by over 100,000 companies worldwide, Sales Manago’s technology allows you to interact with users in a one-to-one perspective.

By differentiating the actions on various media channels, such as newsletters, live chat, sending SMS, push notifications, the platform allows you to achieve your conversion goals through the implementation of inbound marketing strategies.

Sales Manago integrates with all the most popular CMS, E-commerce and Social networks, allowing constant updating of data together with optimized lead management.
Digitag Consulting’s end-to-end approach is thus enriched with new additional tools that lead to a more solid digital strategy.

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