The Digital Big Bang

The time horizon and the path you take depend on specific factors but our goals always remain the same: assist our clients to follow a process of transformation that will reach new customers, expand their markets and achieve greater performances.

Value Proposition

Digitag Consulting aims to support companies in the difficult process of innovation required by today’s global market. Our goal is to guide our clients to seize the best opportunities offered by new communication channels, leveraging the most innovative tools in order to maximize performance.

Full Digital Strategy

“Technology is a science, but getting people to use it is an art“

Our goal is to transfer to the management the know-how needed to address the ongoing changes in consumer habits, manage effectively new tools provided by new technologies and to make strategic decisions in a conscious and autonomous way.

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Performance Marketing

“Obtaining the perfect mix of data analysis and creativity helps us deliver maximum performance “

We analyze, measure and manage performance of companies investing in digital marketing. Our goal is to increase conversions and allocate budgets efficiently between different channels acting independently from any media center or any media marketplace.

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Social Media Management

“We promote an active approach to the digital world, remaining static or indifferent creates inefficiency and hinders growth“

Helping our clients to create conversations with their users and customers in order to maximize the level of affinity and understanding between the parties will benefit their business. Social networks, vertical communities, and specific online channels engage every day millions of people who discuss products exchanging information and experiences. Our team aims to involve the company in these conversations, monitoring "moods " improving corporate reputation.

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E-Commerce Full Services

“Developing the best flow for your users is vital to deliver an effective user experience. Shopping cart is the destination.“

We support our clients in defining their e-commerce positioning developing new strategies for online sales and broadening their view into new markets. From retail strategy development to planning marketing campaigns we cover all areas of e-commerce assisting the management in legal, logistical and fiscal issues if required. Digitag is the ideal partner for the development and management of an online store.

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