Performance Marketing

What, where and why? We start from the analysis of your online audience!

Very often companies tend to choose the online channels where to advertise their brand or product without a clear and defined strategy. Our approach is analytical, we study and evaluate together your audience by defining the best budget allocation between different channels.

CPC, CPL and CPI: we make it simpler.

Digitag Consulting supports the company in understanding the tools needed to analyze performance, to check all ad channels activated, traffic data and profitability ratios. The goal is to maximize results and transfer to our clients the necessary know-how to evaluate independently any digital marketing campaign.

Numbers and data but not only: you need creativity!

Implementing digital marketing strategies, campaigns and monitoring them is only part of our mission. To create a winning campaign the creative and emotional side is most important and will allow us to build solid and lasting relationships with your online users.



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