Media Planning & Buying

It all stems from the analysis of our clients’ business objectives. Digitag Consulting’s approach to media planning starts with a qualitative market and competition research, together with commercial relations that today guide the major force of sales and communication strategies. Our team supports companies in defining a media plan that is built accordingly to the different company’s need, including brand awareness campaigns together with, lead campaigns and increasing online sales.

Managed Media

Our approach

Supporting companies in maximizing ROI through an approach of transparency and data sharing is the main objective of our team. In order to obtain the best outcome, it is foundamental to implement an accurate initial assessment in which we on which we conduct a an accurate analysis of the market logics and set the KPI’s to be achieved.

The independence of Digitag Consulting from large international media networks, guarantees total alignment to our customers objectives, maximum flexibility and dynamism.

Competitive scenario analysis

An in-depth analysis of past activities and competitive scenario represents the key move before elaborating a media plan. A competitive study is therefore essential to detect possible saturation levels and opportunities.

Target Analysis

Media campaigns are finalized to capture the interest of a particular user. Knowing our target and building different audiences (remarketing, lookalike, semantic targets, third-party audiences or machine learning) are the keypoints to achieve the set objectives.

Strategy and planning

Based on the business objectives, we select the channels where the budgets will be allocated, focusing on the management and optimization of campaigns and scouting activities through new methods of promotion (tools and platforms).


We are partners with the main national and international publishers as well with the most relevant media trading platforms. Our alliances allow us to reach the user on search engines, social channels or directly on the publishers' pages through impactful creative formats that protect our customer positioning.

Technical implementations

Our team will take care of all implementations to support media campaigns: pixel and tag implementations; segments creation, events and Analytics tracking objectives; adserver setup and tracking; strategy funnel elaboration.

Data Analysis and Reporting

Reports must, not only guarantee control over the results (campaign KPIs, efficiency analysis, next action and budget adjustments) but also support the company in verifying levels of correlation between digital marketing activities and those promoted by others departments (commercial, communication, HR).

Our support

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Radio&Tv planning

Buyer personas Analysis

Customer journey definition

Advanced analytics

Attribution models definition

Path to conversion analysis

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